Christmas Quiz 2017

Thank you to all those who took part in the quiz. We raised just over £113. There were five correct sheets given in and they came from the following :

Lesley Bevan: Janice Garraway: Sheila Latham: Brian Lawrence: Laurie Mowatt.

The winner is Laurie Mowatt.

The correct answers are set out in the table below.

Question Answer
12 D of C Days of Christmas
3 W M Wise Men
What Christmas plant has pagan connections Mistletoe
1843 the F C C was S First Christmas Card was Sent
Smart Heretics ( two words ) Christmas Tree
4 H of the A Horsemen of the Apocalypse
1973 the Y U R D A O Year Upminster RDA Opened
30 J in the G N Jumps in the Grand National
12 D D Drummers Drumming
This warm ethics 9  ( two words ) White Christmas
Which Christmas song’s second verse begins with “See the blazing Yule before us” Deck the Halls
Hardy Symbolic 9 ( three words ) Mary’s Boy Child
60 Y S the Q F C B on T Years Since the Queen’s First Christmas Broadcast on TV
What does the Anglo Saxon word “Wassail” mean Good Health ( toasted with mulled wine )
How many days on an advent calendar 24
Who once banned Christmas cards Barrack Obama / Oliver Cromwell
N S W a G M at the R O Nick Skelton Won a Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics
How many H on a H or P 4 Hooves or 2 Hocks
What does a G S do Girth Strap holds on the saddle
Who was the first monarch to broadcast a Christmas message to the nation King George V
8 M a M Maids a Milking
Who is the partner of Ivy Holly
In which ocean is Christmas Island Indian
How old was the forces sweetheart in 2017 and who was she 100 years, Vera Lynn
Sweet Gherkin ( three words ) We Three Kings
8 R P S S Reindeer Pulling Santa’s Sleigh
What colour was the Christmas that Elvis “The King” Presley had Blue
In “O Little Town of Bethlehem” where do the silent stars go by Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
A reindeer belonging to Santa is named after another animal – What animal Vixen
Jill begs Len ( two words ) Jingle Bells